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Atlantic 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil

We are widely recognized as a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter provides nothing short of flawless quality. We make use of only the high quality raw material to ensure the excellence. We offer longer shelf life, safe usage and impurity free quality in our Atlantic 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil. We make sure to match the highest standards of quality. It is available at reasonable prices for our valued customers.

Advantages :

  • Extended Drain Period
  • Low fuel and lubricant consumption
  • Excellent Engine Protection
  • Easy Cold Starting
  • Low top up requirements

Performance Specification : API SM/CF

Recommendations : Recommended for all naturally aspirated and turbo charged Diesel and Petrol Engines including all sophisticated cars.

Packing : Available in - 1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 25L & 208 L


Specific 0.8393
Kin Vis @ 40oC, Cst 54.22
Kin Vis @ 100oC, cst 10.05
Viscosity 175
Flash Point (COC)oC 214
Pour PointoC ( - ) 36